Will there be a spring floor?

Yes! All Pro Cheer events will have a  9-panel (54’x42′) birch wood spring floor with carpet bonded foam; a 9-panel carpet bonded warm-up floor; and a 12’x60′ spring tumble strip.

Are your events USASF sanctioned?

Pro Cheer Events is a non-sanctioned event company, and your athletes will not have to show proof of payment of USASF fees. We will follow industry standards, however, when it comes to scoring, legality, and divisions. 

Will you have vendors at your events?

We will have vendors on site at our events offering a variety of merchandise and concessions.

Will you be using the unified scoring grid?

We will be using the unified scoring grids at all Pro Cheer Events.

What are the music requirements?

All teams must must certify that they have a valid proof of licensing for each of their mixes. 

What if the event is canceled?

We pledge to never cancel a competition unless absolutely necessary, i.e., SEVERE weather. In the event of such an occurrence, registration fees will be refunded or applied to another Pro Cheer event.